Day 1: Over Splits

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First day after not stretching for a year.. Really excited to start working hard for 100 days. I know my back leg isn’t straight but it was hard enough to lift my hands up. 🙂

Backbend Update

jordlane Backbends 1 Comment

I feel like maybe my backbend has gotten taller! This was after a lot of warm-up, though (a few hours of pole + an active flexibility stretch session)

day 1 – front splits

Paul Starting Photos 2 Comments

Decided, as a stiff man I want to join the challenge over the next 100 days. Unfortunately no pics until tomorrow, but I did just over an hour and ended with front split routine. Noticed the half lotus is tough for me, but in a doorway I got into a comfortable position and didn’t do bad on pigeon. With straight …

X-Mas Eve Progress

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I haven’t been as disciplined with stretching as I’d like, but I’m working on getting into a habit of it.  It’s hard to carve out enough time to properly warm up and stretch adequately.  Also, I’ve been training pole and gaining muscle, which has made flexibility a bit more difficult.  However, I’ve also learned a lot of new ways to stretch …

Before Pictures

jordlane Starting Photos 1 Comment

Split on Good Side 100 day goal: flat split on good side and bad side Long-term goal: oversplits Back-bend  100 day goal: arms straight down under head Long-term goal: hands closer to ankles, success with back-bend variations Closed Scorpio on Silks 100 day goal: foot to head (on both sides) Long-term goal: foot past head

Stretching Tools

Stretching Tools

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Stretching tools are a great addition to your routine for more leverage and support. From yoga blocks to doorways, I tried to think of everything I have used for more leverage. I’m sure there’s more, but there’s plenty here to start with. A lot of random things can be used for stretching, so keep your eye for potential stretching tools! Let’s work …