Stretching Tools

Stretching Tools

Stretching tools are a great addition to your routine for more leverage and support. From yoga blocks to doorways, I tried to think of everything I have used for more leverage. I’m sure there’s more, but there’s plenty here to start with. A lot of random things can be used for stretching, so keep your eye for potential stretching tools! Let’s work …

Breathing, Form, & Posture

Never underestimate the power of intentional breath and posture. Oxygen is fuel for the muscles. The more oxygen brought to your muscles, the less fatigued they become and the greater your chances of gaining flexibility. Oxygen is not only fuel for our muscles, but for our brains. Mind power is essential for muscle control, balance, coordination, and cyclic thoughts on proper …

Flexible Strength

You want flexibility? You’re gunna need strength and muscle awareness to get you there safely! When we think about splits, we normally don’t think about which muscles need to be engaged and which relaxed, how the legs need to rotate or extend, or the amount of weight that is placed on wrists. We just think about pushing down further; but please don’t …

Happy to Start Back UP!

It’s good to be back in the challenge! It really helps me to push myself. Lost a little of what I gained last year but still better than before I started last year. I hope to get to the ground on my front splits this year!!

Dec 1-8, 2015

slight progress on left. My right knee is stiff due to plates and screws. We shall  see how far I can go being half human and half robot.

Flexibility Calendar

Although I signed up at the end of November, I made a flexibility calendar for December to tape on my wall to help keep me on track. So Dec 1st is my 1st day of my 100 day flexibility challenge. Today is day 4 🙂