Front Splits a.m – not best timed photo

So, yesterday I did Ashtanga yoga at work and it felt great. Hatha yoga Tuesday,  and an unscheduled day off stretching on Wednesday, my shoulders have been so painful with the change in temperature here in England.

After a little bit of shoulder mobility, chest stretching and recuperation I’m finding my shoulders have a fighting chance of a full recovery after weight training. So, I missed my scheduled back bending day as a precaution. Unfortunately I trapped a never,  and thumb is a little numb so I’m getting some acupuncture next week I guess.

Today’s front splits was ok, holding back a bit I guess. Overall a good session, but the photo doesn’t show my leg in a straight position due to the timer. Feeling looser in my quads and hip flexor, slow progress but I fully understand that this is the point.

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