Middle Splits

Rough today due to tiredness, but getting to a calmer place with it. (trying to stop panicking when in the middle splits position). It was farther last summer than it is now 🙁 hoping to catch up.

Middle Splits Day 1

Day 1 went well, I am recovering from an injury and hoping to gain my flexibility back. I felt no pain in my injury today, I didn’t push it too hard. I did this routine after 40 min of cardio core work and it felt really good as a cool down, my muscles were already warm and limber. The whole …

Middle Split Day 1

It was Yesterday. I’ve been busy these days! Haven’t had any exercises in 2 weeks! The Kid Over there is my Nephew ! He Loves Yoga 😀

Front Splits

No progress photo today, as I am not in a much better depth but the front splits felt great today as did the dynamic stretches. Side splits next sessiin or even backbends, let’s see. But over all I am very happy 😁

Splits training

So, it as been a crap few weeks with a new job not going as planned, and my bike was stolen 😁 now I am happy again, the bike was returned to me and now I am focused on the flexibility challeneg. I have done a few sessions recently, but had nothing important to share as far as progress. But …

Front splits, day one. The Return! 😁

I have done these programs before and I have missed them. I have been focusing on my movement training and flexibility, not doing much splits training but hip oopener. Anyway, I am going to do 100 days solid and see how I progress, not in a any hurry. Great program 😂

Front Splits (Day 1 on 3/7/18)

I used to have my right front split with ease….now I can’t even get into it. I know my form is not 100% correct and that is just one thing I am working on. My hips needs to be way more open, and my hamstrings looser as well.

Middle Splits (Day 1)

First try at middle splits since starting the flexibility challenge. This is a big struggle for me as my hips and IT band is very, very tight. Definitely have a long way to go so we will see how much progress I can make!