Week 1 Day 2 MSM

Side splits and middle splits progress. Did my warm up outside and fell on some ice, so the endurance for today consistency was tested lol but we made it!

Week 1 – Day 1 MSM

Happy December 1st! I’m working on my consistency and flexibility this month. Progress of side and middle splits 🙂 This is AM practice and I’m giggly so I feel good. I allocated about 1 hour and 30 mins including the dynamic warm ups, dynamic stretches and the poses. I create with movement and challenging myself to take professional classes, my …

Left Split

Left Split, bit of a tight day, but more comfortable than my right

Middle Splits

Rough today due to tiredness, but getting to a calmer place with it. (trying to stop panicking when in the middle splits position). It was farther last summer than it is now 🙁 hoping to catch up.

Middle Splits Day 1

Day 1 went well, I am recovering from an injury and hoping to gain my flexibility back. I felt no pain in my injury today, I didn’t push it too hard. I did this routine after 40 min of cardio core work and it felt really good as a cool down, my muscles were already warm and limber. The whole …