I have knocked my sessions down to an hour over the past week, so that I could spend more time on my yoga practice.

Feet to head is beyond me at the moment, so I have scalesd my focus to just side splits and back bending. I am happy with my progress, so I am more motivated than ever to feel better and move better.

Any comments or advice is welcome.

have a great day

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Amanda Nicole Smith
7 years ago

I would start focusing on trying your backbends with your arms against the wall, so you can see how much farther you need to push your chest upwards. Sometimes it is a little easier to push up and backwards when on your tippy toes, then try to maintain your shoulder position and slowly bring your feet flat to the ground. Good luck!

Amanda Nicole Smith
7 years ago
Reply to  Paul

Oh yes, your practice is diligent and that is definitely the right track. Looking back at your progress I’d say your post titled “back bending day” from January 23rd looked the best shoulder wise, your were pushing through the shoulders nicely, and your hands were very close to being stacked under your shoulders. I know from having tight shoulders myself that being up on the toes really helps you push up and back, even though everyone told me to keep my feet flat 😉

Keep up the good work!