back bending day

Today 22/01/2017…back bending day was serious fun today. I purchased a yoga wheel and used that, with not bad results to be honest.

My bridge looks noticeably better today, so please give me some criticism as it will only make me better. I did shoulder and wrist mobility following my warm up. I also used my squat knee wraps today, as I found it more comfortable than the yoga strap, whilst I found I got a better resistance from them as they are slightly elastic.

I have scheduled my days in to upper, lower as I would during my weight training days. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed today and noticed a small but significant improvement.

Thanks again…

When I was a teenager, I did kung fu and reached a respectable level of flexibility and ability. The...


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Amanda Nicole Smith
7 years ago

I definitely see a huge improvement as well! The only thing I can say, other than keep doing what you’re doing, once you push taller out of your shoulders and push back into the armpits, slowly try to pull your heels down, thinking about releasing your quads, just like you do in the shin up against wall lunge forward move.

You should be very proud of your backbend progress!!