Starting Poses

madamemacabre Backbends, Balancing, Splits, Starting Photos 5 Comments

Starting photo of my back bend lowered onto my forearms Starting photo – Forearm Stand with Bent Legs Starting photo- forearm stand in split Starter photo- right split after 1 hour stretch session Starter photo- left split after 1 hour stretch session Starter photo – middle split after 1 hour stretch session Starter photo – right standing side split after …

Day 1

clarksn08 Starting Photos 1 Comment

Hello everyone, Where to begin…? Well, I’ve been pretty active all my life. I started out with gymnastics and was a competitive cheerleader until I graduated from high school. Once, I got to college, I decided I wanted to try something different, and a few years later I was buying an x-pole and trying to teach myself how to invert …

Day 1!

mas.maddy20 Backbends, Starting Photos 1 Comment

Hello! My name is Maddy. I couldn’t take a better picture, but I hope you see what my current back flexibility is. So! I know I’m a bit late for the challenge, but I started it yesterday and I’m looking foward to see big improvements 🙂

Day 1!

lesliepaige113 Starting Photos 2 Comments

Hi, everyone! My name is Leslie and I am a former cheerleader looking to get back in shape. I am also in week one of training for my first half marathon. Day 1 of stretching, looking forward to making some progress! Dedicating 7 days a week to stretching 🙂