Middle Split Day 1

It was Yesterday. I’ve been busy these days! Haven’t had any exercises in 2 weeks! The Kid Over there is my Nephew ! He Loves Yoga 😀

Front Splits (Day 1 on 3/7/18)

I used to have my right front split with ease….now I can’t even get into it. I know my form is not 100% correct and that is just one thing I am working on. My hips needs to be way more open, and my hamstrings looser as well.

Middle Splits (Day 1)

First try at middle splits since starting the flexibility challenge. This is a big struggle for me as my hips and IT band is very, very tight. Definitely have a long way to go so we will see how much progress I can make!

Postpartum Flexibility

I feel like I’m starting somewhat from the beginning again but thankfully I still have muscle memory. With muscle memory, I still remember how to engage and relax certain muscles to perform the stretch, so this makes it a little bit easier. Yet I’m still very tight, and have little spare time these days to stretch. For 9 months I …

Day 1

Working on opening these shoulders!

Middle Split Variation

It has been 2 weeks since I have started training. Sadly I have failed to take and post beginning photos, however these are a bit of a start. (: Yesterday I completed the Middle Split Dynamic routine, and today I followed it with the Middle Split Static routine. In the between time I ground myself with yoga, and when I …

Day 1: Over Splits

First day after not stretching for a year.. Really excited to start working hard for 100 days. I know my back leg isn’t straight but it was hard enough to lift my hands up. 🙂

side splits day 3 upper lower

So, another day stretching went by quickly. Back bend feels great afters straps and assisted stretches. Side splits are obviously not going to be great, as it’s been 20 years since I could do them. Very tight on the inside of the knees, so I’m careful not to push my luck going too far. I’ll try and post something everyday, …

day 1 – front splits

Decided, as a stiff man I want to join the challenge over the next 100 days. Unfortunately no pics until tomorrow, but I did just over an hour and ended with front split routine. Noticed the half lotus is tough for me, but in a doorway I got into a comfortable position and didn’t do bad on pigeon. With straight …