Gravity assist

Just working on my middle splits in class with Amanda on Tuesday. I should have gotten pictures of the actual middle split, I got my legs to the floor on Tuesday.

Days 22-28 – Shoulder Progress!!

Week 4 was focused towards shoulders and hip flexors again. It was also a week focused on rest and recovery. When I say rest, I just mean no heavy contortion stretching. When I say recovery, I mean giving your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs through fresh whole foods, drinking tons of water and letting my muscles repair themselves. …

It’s late … and I can’t think of any flexibility puns right now…

    Slowly but surely making some progress. I got the forearm backbend! Something just clicked and I got it … I also found an easier way to get into it without upsetting my lower back. Upper back and shoulders feel good. Focused on stretching my over-straddle to get my pancake – made a huge difference but my belly isn’t …

Avoiding Injury

Week 3 I didn’t see too much progress, just maintained my gains from previous weeks. One day you could have something and then the next you could just as easily be worse. It all depends on the conditions. You have to be comfortable, relax and breath into poses or else it doesn’t work. I was not comfortable pushing my hip …


Sorry guys i don’t have before so next time i will post this as before and the new as after. ¬†great stretching everyone.

Continuing to Make Strides

Each day I work to inch a little closer to the ground, pull my arms a little further back, and strengthen my back to increase it’s range. I’m happy to continue seeing progress as the days go by!


All I can say is that the more you practice the better you get but it helps to have personal attention. Take a class with Amanda. You have helped me realize my potential and can’t wait to unlock what else I’m capable of.