Balancing Start

After pulling a muscle in my left thigh its been hard to stretch my leg in anyway. Im slowly getting back there though.

Progress – Week 1

Forearm Backbend   Forearm Stand in Split   Forearm Stand in Stag   Left Scorpio   Right Scorpio   Right Standing Split   Left Standing Split     Right Split   Left Split   Middle Split

Starting Poses

Starting photo of my back bend lowered onto my forearms Starting photo – Forearm Stand with Bent Legs Starting photo- forearm stand in split Starter photo- right split after 1 hour stretch session Starter photo- left split after 1 hour stretch session Starter photo – middle split after 1 hour stretch session Starter photo – right standing side split after …

Starting point for other poses

  I don’t know exactly how to categorize these poses but for accountability and progress view I’m posting my latest photos. By no means do I hold these for several minutes at a time, I’m luck enough to make it in to a pose 🙂

Avoiding Injury

Week 3 I didn’t see too much progress, just maintained my gains from previous weeks. One day you could have something and then the next you could just as easily be worse. It all depends on the conditions. You have to be comfortable, relax and breath into poses or else it doesn’t work. I was not comfortable pushing my hip …

End of Week 1

  Today my friend Rico and I stretched together and tried out cool poses we found on Instagram! This is the end of my first week of the challenge! I’ve been stretching everyday and I find it’s becoming addictive! I stretch while watching TV, while outside in the sun, and any random times throughout the day! I went out and bought …

Day 4 – 4/4/2015

Yesterday was Contortion with the Amazing Shelly Guy.  I was super tight considering that I practice earlier in the morning for 2 hours.  We worked on Splits, Over Splits (on blocks and on silks), Splits with back arch, and Chest stands. I also worked on some back bend with splits and played with the “tulip” (see below). Happy Stretching!