Day 5 – Progress so far!

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Hello there! This is from Day… 5?  It was a leg day. Splits are getting a bit better already, but still a long way to go! I just took my first rest day (day 7) after going to a sweat lodge for the first time and deciding to take it easy. My goal is to do about an hour each …

Day 1!

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Hi, everyone! My name is Leslie and I am a former cheerleader looking to get back in shape. I am also in week one of training for my first half marathon. Day 1 of stretching, looking forward to making some progress! Dedicating 7 days a week to stretching 🙂

Day 4 – 4/4/2015

DePatrice Backbends, Balancing, Starting Photos 1 Comment

Yesterday was Contortion with the Amazing Shelly Guy.  I was super tight considering that I practice earlier in the morning for 2 hours.  We worked on Splits, Over Splits (on blocks and on silks), Splits with back arch, and Chest stands. I also worked on some back bend with splits and played with the “tulip” (see below). Happy Stretching!