day 1 – front splits

Decided, as a stiff man I want to join the challenge over the next 100 days. Unfortunately no pics until tomorrow, but I did just over an hour and ended with front split routine.

Noticed the half lotus is tough for me, but in a doorway I got into a comfortable position and didn’t do bad on pigeon. With straight legs I’d say I’m about 2 feet away from front splits, plus the dynamic warm up as stretches were great.

Slowly working toward my new goal of insane flexibility. Great content and great site, well worth the year pass. Look forward to some criticism and tips, as I’m hoping to return to martial arts or for better movement on the parallettes.


When I was a teenager, I did kung fu and reached a respectable level of flexibility and ability. The...


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Amanda Nicole Smith
7 years ago

Welcome to the flexibility challenge Paul, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the routine! I look forward to seeing your progress along the way. ๐Ÿ™‚

A little tip to start you off, try using two chairs to prop your forearms on while you’re doing your splits, that way you’ll be more comfortable and can focus on breathing, engaging and relaxing.

Happy Stretching!