back bending day

Today 22/01/2017…back bending day was serious fun today. I purchased a yoga wheel and used that, with not bad results to be honest. My bridge looks noticeably better today, so please give me some criticism as it will only make me better. I did shoulder and wrist mobility following my warm up. I also used my squat knee wraps today, …

Backbend Update

I feel like maybe my backbend has gotten taller! This was after a lot of warm-up, though (a few hours of pole + an active flexibility stretch session)

Some Backbend Progress

This picture was taken after a warm-up and a combination of static and dynamic stretching

Before Pic

Greetings all!! I’m Cherrelle but you can call me Tiny. Anyway, December 1st is when I will start the challenge. My stretching scdehule is 4 days a week, 2 hours per session (sometimes I will aim for 3 hours). Hopefully I will be beyond my imagination on Day 100. I’m using Emil Valentino beginner’s package to help. Wish me luck.

The Baseline

So I did something wonky to my ankle, which means a two day break from ballet classes and time to take pictures!  This is my starting point re: the challenge when it comes to my back.  I’m also working on strength because the purpose of the backbend for me is mostly linked to arabesques, and mine is really only at …

Slow start

Soooo these pics are from Thursday 8 Oct. Didnt stretch at home until today!! I’ve realised that I perform better in class. Today I just about touched the floor on my right side which is my good side. Maybe coz I tired myself out with my butt workout!! Plus I take sooooo long to stretch at home taking endless breaks. …

Progress – Week 1

Forearm Backbend   Forearm Stand in Split   Forearm Stand in Stag   Left Scorpio   Right Scorpio   Right Standing Split   Left Standing Split     Right Split   Left Split   Middle Split