Day 1

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i completed my first hour and day of the challenge. i decided to do my lower body so tomorrow i will do my upper body, the deep breathing helped a lot and im satisfied .

DAY 2: 4 hours stretching + my stretching plan

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Today I stretched a lot! My stretching plan is either too long or I’m taking too much time in certain areas. After rehearsal/class, I did my dynamic stretches and almost all my lower body stretches for 2.5 hours. After teaching, later in the afternoon, I did 1.5 hours finishing lower body and doing all upper body stretches. I ended with …

Lazy girl

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Didn’t stretch today. In my defence i am slightly sore from yesterday and i took 2 pole and a conditioning class today but that’s no excuse. I should have stretched in the morning but i went to sleep at 7am and woke at 10am to rush out of the house. New plan: Get to bed at a decent time. I’m …