A quick catch up…

So, I’m a little rubbish with my progress photos. I have a hard time getting good photos on my tablet, when I’m on my own as the timer is only for 10 seconds, leading up to the point 2here an automatic photo can be taken.

The gym I work at recently closed down, so I don’t have as much space I  the house as I would like. Today I thought I would post some stretching photos, just to show that I am still committed to the challenge,  still having fun too.

My splits, I really am in the learning phase at the moment, so these first 100 days might just be learning not worry where I am with my progress, or over do my stretching.

After a little yin yoga today, I am literally about to do my splits routine, can’t wait…

When I was a teenager, I did kung fu and reached a respectable level of flexibility and ability. The...


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