Week 1 Day 2 MSM

Side splits and middle splits progress. Did my warm up outside and fell on some ice, so the endurance for today consistency was tested lol but we made it!

Week 1 – Day 1 MSM

Happy December 1st! I’m working on my consistency and flexibility this month. Progress of side and middle splits 🙂 This is AM practice and I’m giggly so I feel good. I allocated about 1 hour and 30 mins including the dynamic warm ups, dynamic stretches and the poses. I create with movement and challenging myself to take professional classes, my …

Front Splits

No progress photo today, as I am not in a much better depth but the front splits felt great today as did the dynamic stretches. Side splits next sessiin or even backbends, let’s see. But over all I am very happy 😁

Splits training

So, it as been a crap few weeks with a new job not going as planned, and my bike was stolen 😁 now I am happy again, the bike was returned to me and now I am focused on the flexibility challeneg. I have done a few sessions recently, but had nothing important to share as far as progress. But …

Front splits, day one. The Return! 😁

I have done these programs before and I have missed them. I have been focusing on my movement training and flexibility, not doing much splits training but hip oopener. Anyway, I am going to do 100 days solid and see how I progress, not in a any hurry. Great program 😂

Right split day #2

It hurts a lot to do my splits and the back of my calves feel very stretched out and sore


DAY 3 of 100 DAY CHALLENGE – Phew! So, it is Thursday – August 4th, and I have finally taken a picture of my middle splits and boy-o-boy is it sad. Why is it so hard!?!? This is going to take a lot of work. Today, I took a complete BREAK. My body was just so sore that I knew …


DAY 2 of 100 DAY CHALLENGE – Today marks day 2 of the challenge. I am S O R E. I went to a Stretch & Strengthen Yoga Class with Emily in the afternoon. We focused on a bit of hips and quite a lot of back. I went home and also stretched for an hour with my Fit & …


DAY 1 OF 100 DAY CHALLENGE – I went to Cassidy’s Tuesday yoga class and we worked on back-bends and twists. I had some issues with my lower back hurting but by the end of the day I was feeling a lot better. My hamstrings were really tight from Pure Barre but I was able to work through that. When …