Reply To: Weekly Progress – What’s going on?

April 9, 2015 at 8:14 pm #838

By now you have probably realized this isn’t an easy stretching routine. This routine is meant to challenge you in both strength and flexibility. You probably feel as though you did a hardcore workout and that’s a good thing. However if you feel any pain that isn’t that “hurt so good” feeling, you’ll want to ease up.

I want to know, what have you all been doing to rest and recover?

After my contortion class on day 4 I felt a little twinge in my right hip flexor. I had to sleep an extra 4 hours with lots of liquids to recover from my hip flexor tightness. Sleep is always my number one go to method for recovery, as well as ice, peppermint essential oil and herbal tea blends specifically for soothing the nervous system.

My favorite herbs for what I call my flexibility tea blend is, holy basil, St. john’s wort, milky oats, chamomile and valerian.

I’m using my acupressure spoonk mat, lacrosse balls and lucky me I have also been getting massages from my friend and roommate, who is studying to be a massage therapist.

I’m trying not to eat foods that are hard for me to digest because digestion will takeover energy needed for muscle repair during sleep. I ‘m eating a lot of super foods, high in nutrients and calorie dense raw foods.

On my off days I have still been lightly stretching and using my full range of motion, especially my shoulders, I’ll just do huge arm circles, whenever I feel a little stiff.

I’m looking forward to hearing what has worked for you, and if you have any questions feel free to ask them!