Left Split

Left Split, bit of a tight day, but more comfortable than my right

Middle Splits

Rough today due to tiredness, but getting to a calmer place with it. (trying to stop panicking when in the middle splits position). It was farther last summer than it is now 🙁 hoping to catch up.

Middle Splits Day 1

Day 1 went well, I am recovering from an injury and hoping to gain my flexibility back. I felt no pain in my injury today, I didn’t push it too hard. I did this routine after 40 min of cardio core work and it felt really good as a cool down, my muscles were already warm and limber. The whole …

Middle Split Day 1

It was Yesterday. I’ve been busy these days! Haven’t had any exercises in 2 weeks! The Kid Over there is my Nephew ! He Loves Yoga 😀

Splits training

So, it as been a crap few weeks with a new job not going as planned, and my bike was stolen 😁 now I am happy again, the bike was returned to me and now I am focused on the flexibility challeneg. I have done a few sessions recently, but had nothing important to share as far as progress. But …

Front splits, day one. The Return! 😁

I have done these programs before and I have missed them. I have been focusing on my movement training and flexibility, not doing much splits training but hip oopener. Anyway, I am going to do 100 days solid and see how I progress, not in a any hurry. Great program 😂

Front Splits (Day 1 on 3/7/18)

I used to have my right front split with ease….now I can’t even get into it. I know my form is not 100% correct and that is just one thing I am working on. My hips needs to be way more open, and my hamstrings looser as well.