Front Splits

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No progress photo today, as I am not in a much better depth but the front splits felt great today as did the dynamic stretches. Side splits next sessiin or even backbends, let’s see. But over all I am very happy 😁

Splits training

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So, it as been a crap few weeks with a new job not going as planned, and my bike was stolen 😁 now I am happy again, the bike was returned to me and now I am focused on the flexibility challeneg. I have done a few sessions recently, but had nothing important to share as far as progress. But …

Middle Splits (Day 1)

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First try at middle splits since starting the flexibility challenge. This is a big struggle for me as my hips and IT band is very, very tight. Definitely have a long way to go so we will see how much progress I can make!

Faster site and Improvements to Come!!

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Today we made the move to a faster server, which means faster load times for you! It should be twice as fast! If you experienced any downtime today, it’s because we had a little hiccup after moving servers, I apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused, but now we are back up and running stronger than ever! I have …

Postpartum Flexibility

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I feel like I’m starting somewhat from the beginning again but thankfully I still have muscle memory. With muscle memory, I still remember how to engage and relax certain muscles to perform the stretch, so this makes it a little bit easier. Yet I’m still very tight, and have little spare time these days to stretch. For 9 months I …