Lower Body Kinetic Bands


Includes two easily adjustable Velcro leg straps; two sets of resistance bands; stunt strap and travel bag

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Lower Body Kinetic Bands work to strengthen the muscles in your legs, hips, and core area while you train.  Resistance training with Kinetic Bands will increase speed and agility, improve flexibility, balance, endurance, and overall athletic performance without changing your normal workout routine, even during sport-specific training.

Our leg resistance bands are worn on the thighs (approximately one inch above the knees). Set includes two comfortable and easily adjustable neoprene leg straps, two sets of resistance bands that provide different levels of resistance and a handy mesh travel bag.

Kinetic Bands provide a comfortable, heart healthy, strength building workout for your legs, hips, hip flexors, and core muscles during physical activity and sport-specific training (e.g., walking, running, jumping, sprinting, and kicking); strengthening these areas can help improve your balance, flexibility, agility, and endurance which in turn can help you run faster, jump higher, kick higher, react quicker, improve athletic performance, and help reduce the risk of sports related injuries. The unique design allows you to move unrestricted and in a natural manner with full range of motion so you can get stronger while working to improve sport-specific skills.

Kinetic Bands are recommended for ages 7+. Used worldwide by athletes who train for baseball, basketball, football, martial arts, soccer, softball, tennis, track and sprint speed, volleyball, wrestling and many other sports; by physical therapy professionals, strength and conditioning specialists, speed trainers, personal trainers, and people who want to live a healthier lifestyle; by recreational sports teams, school districts, colleges, and professional sports programs.

Our leg resistance bands complement any workout routine or fitness/weight loss program and are great exercise bands for healthy minded people who want to get in shape, stay fit, lose weight, or burn fat. We guarantee results!